About Us


FE Motorsports has a storied history.

It wasn't long ago that FE was one of the country's renowned European specialists, working primarily with the likes of BMW, VAG Group and Mercedes Benz.

Fast forward to the early-2000s, FE Motorsports began to undergo significant work on Japanese performance cars, the "JDM" vehicles that are now a staple in the performance scene. This is the FE Motorsports that most contemporary enthusiasts know.

Moving into the 2020s, JDM continues to play an integral role in the work that we do. However like all ambitious businesses and people, we're evolving and building our expertise in other areas to become the most all-rounded workshop in Australia. European and prestige performance are regular customers, and we're constantly learning to stay ahead of the curve.

Building, performing and competing at the highest level requires attention to detail, the use of only quality parts, and most importantly staff who are enthusiasts at heart.

From regular servicing, to Time Attack winners, the same approach is given because each customer that comes through the door deserves the best in product, and the best in service.

Place your trust in us!